Eagle Strike  48-189: Flying Circus pt VI

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Scott Van Aken

Continuing with the WWI decal releases is this one for four Fokker D.VII's. This is a favorite amongst builders for several reasons, one being the lack of rigging and the other the very colorful schemes applied to them. Kits are easily available thanks to Roden's issue of several variants. You can also use the Dragon D.VII. I'd be willing to bet that these would fit the Monogram/Aurora kit as well.

First up is Josef Jacobs' Jasta 7 aircraft from 1918. It is overall black with with white on the fin/rudder area. Eagle Strike has shown the black as a dark grey to make it easier to see.

Next is an Albatros built D.VII of Fritz Hahn with Jasta 21. This is black and white bands  with lozenge wings and fuselage. The black portion of the bands are provided with the modeler having to paint the underlying white.

From Jasta 9 is this OAW built D.VII of Walter Blume. It is also a mostly black and white aircraft with lozenge on the wings. There are large white stripes on the upper and lower wings.

Finally, from Jasta 18 is August Raben's Albatros built D.VII  in red and white. Underside of the wings is left in lozenge with the forward nose in unpainted aluminum.

A really fine sheet with four quite colorful schemes.

May 2005

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