Eagle Strike  48-188: Flying Circus; Part 5 - Fokker D.VII

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Scott Van Aken

WWI in general and Fokker D.VIIs in particular are always popular subjects. This sheet is designed for the Dragon or Roden Fokker D.VII, though I suppose you could fit it to the old Monogram/Aurora version should you choose to do so. A nice variety of schemes on this one with what seems to be insignia for all. This is good as the Roden decals are iffy.

First up is a yellow nosed plane from MFJ III as flow by Hans Goerth in October 1918. In addition to the yellow nose, this color was also on the tail planes, part of the fin and the wheels. The rest in lozenge.

Next is Carl Degelow's Jasta 40 aircraft with a black fuselage and white tail. Wings in lozenge. This is an Albatros built aircraft.

In stunning red and white is Josef Raesch's Jasta 43 plane from July 1918. Lozenge on the wings as is the norm for all these schemes. This is also an Albatros built airframe

Finally, an OAW-built D.VII of Ernst Riedel from Jasta 19 in 1918. As with all JG2 aircraft it has a blue aft fuselage with white fin rudder. The yellow nose was standard with Jasta 19 aircraft. Outer wing struts were green on this one.

A great sheet for a very nice airplane

March 2005

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