Eagle Strike  48-173: Mustangs Forever Part 1

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Scott Van Aken

We all like Mustangs so this sheet should be popular. This particular series is for late war and post war P-51s so we have some very colorful markings. The Tamiya P-51D is recommended, but there are also kits from Hasegawa, Monogram, Hobbycraft, Airfix/Arii/Otaki and others that would benefit from this sheet. All are in unpainted metal with OD or Black anti-glare panels.

First up is a decidedly post-war scheme on 'Ole-VIII' from the CO of the 357 FS/355 FG. White spinner, blue rudder and nose markings along with a red and yellow fuselage band makes for a very cool looking Mustang.

In the 357 FG's war-time markings is this red-tailed aircraft from the 363rd FS. Named 'The Tender Terror' it has a very nice nose art.

Finally, 'Down for Double' a rather well-known aircraft from the 354 FS/355 Fg. It has a white spinner and nose markings outlined in red, the same color as used on the rudder. The builder will have to paint on the white nose markings.

The sheet includes data and insignia for two so this one should get some use!

March 2005

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