Eagle Strike  48-162: Devastators at War

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Scott Van Aken

One of the most wanted decal sheets is for the venerable Monogram Devastator. One often wonders why this aircraft, which wasn't up to its task, is so beloved by  modelers. I mean, it does look cool, but it was slow and often a short flight to death when used in combat against a ready enemy. This sheet covers five aircraft in early war colors (only four are shown).

First up is Black 3 from VT-2 during the battle of the Coral Sea. This unit and VT-3 were able to sink the small carrier 'Shoho' during this battle.

Next is 7-T-6 from VT-7 during its stay at Scapa Flow in the UK during 1942. As with the earlier plane, this one is in Dark Blue-Grey over Light Grey.

Also in that scheme is 8-T-14, the aircraft of VT-8's Ens. George Gay, the only survivor of that unit's attack on Japanese carriers during the Battle of Midway in June of 1942. You may note that the red is gone from the insignia and the tail stripes have also been removed, a requirement after the Coral Sea battle to keep the aircraft safe from gunners who would shoot at anything with red in it!

In overall Light Grey is this plane from VT-6.

Finally, not shown is Black 5 from VT-6 aboard the USS Enterprise during the Wake Island attacks in early 1942. It's camo and markings are identical to the first aircraft.

In order to provide all the needed insignia for these different schemes, there are a total of two full sheets given with this set. A nice touch is that two sets of wing walk sections are provided.

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