Eagle Strike  48-161: Late Spitfires pt 2

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Scott Van Aken

Here is a second sheet of post war Spits. This is also a Best Sellers sheet with marking gleaned from several different old Aeromaster sheets. All but one are in standard Spit fighter camo of Ocean Grey/Dark Green over Medium Sea Grey. Recommended kits for these schemes are various Airfix/Academy kits.

First up is the last operational RAF Spitfire from 81 Squadron in Malaya during 1954. This one is a PR. 19 and in Medium Sea Grey over PR Blue. The sheet originally printed the reds too dark so an addendum has been provided to correct that.

Next is a Mk XIVe from 17 Sq at Singapore in late 1944. This is 'Ginger' Lacy's plane and carries the white SEAC bands on the wings and tail.

Third is an FR.18 of 60 Sq in Malaya during 1950. It carries the black and yellow nose ID bands as well as the wing ID strips. The modeler will also have to add the camera window.

Finally a wartime Mk XIV of 610 Sq during 1944. It is in full wartime markings.

If you missed these the first time around, here is your opportunity to grab them while the getting is good.

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