Eagle Strike  48-160: Late Spitfires pt 1

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Scott Van Aken

This is one of the 'Best Sellers' sheets. What has been done is that various schemes from older Aeromaster sheets have been combined onto one. Since those older sheets are generally long gone, it is great to have these old favorites available again. This covers late mark Spitfires, all in  Ocean Grey/Dark Green over Medium Sea Grey. There are Academy and Airfix kits that can be used for these planes.

First is a Mark 24 from 80 Sq in Hong Kong during the Korean War. That is why the partial stripes on the fuselage and wings. Oddly, this plane also has the WWII yellow outer wing ID strips.

Next a XIVe from 152 Sq in 1945. This one carries the SEAC theater bands on the wings and a partial fuselage band.

From 273 Sq comes this Mk. XIV based in Saigon during late 1945. It also carries the SEAC bands on the wings as well as the tail and tail planes. The white spinner was part of those recognition markings. This aircraft has camera windows aft of the cockpit.

Finally another Mk.XIV from 41 sq in Germany during 1945. It carries full European ID markings.


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