Eagle Strike 48-159: Albatros Pt 3

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Scott Van Aken

WWI aircraft are continuing to gain in popularity. This is the third sheet to cover the Albatros, though the instruction sheet has a difference of opinion! The recommended kit is the Eduard version and by all accounts, this is a really nice kit that is not difficult to build. Most of these planes had bare wooden fuselages, though some were given paint. Those who don't like lozenge camo will like the Albatros as many did not use it. There are seven schemes provided, though only five are shown.

First up is a green, brown, & light green plane flown by Rudolf Hohberg in 1917. The underside is light blue.

Next is a varnished fuselage aircraft from the same unit with lozenge fabric on the flight surfaces.

Third is an aircraft of MFJ III with a mottled green and brown fuselage with yellow nose, tail and wheels. The upper surface of the flying surfaces is in the three tone scheme with light blue undersides.

From Jasta 49 comes this aircraft with a checkerboard on the forward section and grey nose and wheels. This one has lozenge camo.

With the three tone scheme comes this aircraft from MFJ III with a dark green upper fuselage and white tail section. Very nicely done.

Not shown is an MFJ I aircraft in a similar camo of the third aircraft and whit a yellow nose and wheels. It has a white fuselage band outlined in red.

In the two toned scheme (purple and green) is the final aircraft from an unknown unit. It is overall varnished fuselage with a white/black/white fusealge band and a skull and crossbones in it.

Regardless of which scheme you chose, it will add a lot to your next Eduard Albatros.

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Late entry. Stephen Lawson ( ) writes: The Eagle Strike decals for the Alb. D.III set 48159 has some identity problems with four of the five profiles. I have been in touch with Squadron and they are discussing it now. The confusion comes from the artist's profiles being D.V types instead of D.III OAW types. They are also mislabeled as OEW instead of the correct OAW. Bit of a foul up there. The last profile is not from a Marine Feld Jasta it is from a Jasta . I'll check but I think it was Jasta 10.

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