Eagle Strike  48-155: Beaufighter mk 21

Units 93 Sq RAAF




Scott Van Aken


93 Sq RAAF was equipped with the Beaufighter 21 late in the war. These aircraft were called the 'Green Ghosts' due to their overall dark green color scheme. They were also known for having some pretty neat artwork on their rudder, something that modeler really like.

This particular sheet carries markings for six aircraft from this unit (five shown). There are enough insignia for you to do two of them. The color is overall RAAF Foliage Green. This is a rather elusive shade and it is recommended that the modeler use either RLM 70 or FS 24079 as an acceptable substitute. The recommended kit is the Tamiya Mk.VI/X kit as it includes the required 'hump' on the nose where the Sperry autopilot was to fit.

All these planes are from summer of 1945 when they operated in Borneo.

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