Eagle Strike  48-150: Vietnam Warriors pt 1

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Scott Van Aken


RThis is one of Eagle Strike's 'Best Sellers' sheets. In this case they have taken aircraft from a number of different older Aeromaster sheets and put them together on one. A really good idea for those who want to do a number of different planes and only use one sheet for markings. All are in the standard SEA scheme of FS 34102, 34079, 30219 upper with 36622 undersides. In many cases there is an alternate decal depending on the kit that is being used, such as with the F-4 sharkmouth.

First is an F-4E 'Betty Lou', the CO's plane from the 496 TFS/388 TFW. If one is doing an early F-4E such as this one, then the ProModeler version of the Hasegawa kit is the one that you should seek.

The F-105D, 'The Frito Bandito' is from the 355 TFW and seems to be set up for Iron Hand missions.

From the 1 SOS / 56 SOW comes 'The Good Buddha'. As with many A-1s used by this unit, national insignia are only found on the wings, even though the sheet gives you four of them. These markings can be used on the Tamiya, Monogram or ESCI kit.

Finally, an F-105G 'Sam Fighter' from the 354 TFS/355 TFW. This aircraft does not seem to have the usual fuselage mounted antennas so you need to be aware of that before starting in on this kit. It is probably more of an EF-105F than an actual G model.  For this and the other F-105, the Revell/Monogram kit is the only choice.

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