Eagle Strike  48-147: Warhawks and Kittyhawks pt 1

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Scott Van Aken

It seems as if the P-40 is a very popular subject as there are quite a few sheets being dedicated to this aircraft. This one has markings for four interesting planes from the middle of the production run. There are a number of P-40 kits out there including Otaki, Mauve, AMT and AMtech among the more easily obtained.

In overall bare metal with a yellow, white and blue spinner and fin trim, is a P-40N from the 7 FS/49 FG in 1944. Typical of aircraft in this theater, the leading edges of the wing and the tail are in white.

From the 57 Fg is this Sand over Neutral Grey P-40F-1. It is the longtailed version and has a red sipnner.

The 89 FS/80 FG P-40N has a partial skull marking on the nose due to a replacement engine panel on the port side. White 61 has seen a lot of duty and also has a replacement radio panel making a rather interesting OD over Neutral Grey scheme. The tail and wings have Medium Green mottling on the edges.

Finally, another 49 FG P-40N, this one in Dark Green/Dark Earth over Neutral Grey. The spinner is Blue and white and the aircraft carries a tail band in either black or blue. The wings and tail are painted white as is the norm for New Guinea.

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