Eagle Strike  48-118: Colorful Corsairs pt II

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Scott Van Aken


Similar to the earlier sheet, this one contains markings for three aircraft in the light gull grey over white scheme. Hasegawa's kit is really your only viable choice, though masochists could just as easily use the rather terrible ESCI release. As with the previous sheet, full insignia and basic data stencils are provided in an addendum sheet.

First up is the CAG bird form VA-174, one of the two training units for the A-7E. These are the markings it wore circa 1974.

Next is from VA-105 aboard the USS Saratoga around the same time. Unusually, this unit had its air wing code on the rudder.

Finally, from the USS Midway around 1975 is this 'normal' A-7E. I need to point out that there is a glitch in the serial number as it needs to be 160880 and not 150880. Easy enough to touch up with a bit of black paint. I should also point out that my sheet has a decal smear on the rudder stripe, but ES's customer service should quickly provide a replacement.

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