Eagle Strike  48-117: Colorful Corsairs II

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Scott Van Aken


A real favorite of USN Jet builders is the A-7E Corsair. Not because it is a sexy looking, but because it had a nice, big tail on which to put unit artwork! Eagle Strike has wisely chosen the A-7E version because there is a great Hasegawa kit that is just perfect for these schemes. All of these planes are in the light gull grey over white scheme.

First up is the CAG bird from VA-15 aboard the USS America circa 1977. Unlike other CAG birds, this one does not have the multiple colors on the tail, though it does have an all-white fin and rudder. You'll also notice that the original sheet has the blue a bit too light so Eagle Strike has included the proper, darker colors.

Next is another CAG bird, this time from VA-87, but also from the USS America in 1977. It has the full color starts on the rudder to denote its CAG status.

The third is from VA-37 from 1973. On this one, the nose and wing tips have decals provided, but it would probably be a better idea to paint these areas blue to match the decals.

The set includes insignia for all as well as basic stencils. The rest of the stencil suite will have to come from the kit decals or some other source.

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