Eagle Strike  48-113: Mitchell Strafers

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Scott Van Aken

Now that Accurate Miniatures has its B-25 kits back in production, the decal makers have decided that it is time for some new sheets. Great with me as the B-25 is a super subject; especially those of the 345th BG which were rather wildly decorated. Most of the planes were converted in the field, though later with factory conversion kits to turn bombers into strafers with the inclusion of side gun packs and packing the nose with 50 calibre machine guns.

These are both B-25D-1s and are shown with individual ejector exhausts, but I'd double check the reference to make sure that this is correct as,  to my knowledge, the only difference between a C and D were where they were built. Early Cs have collector exhaust and I don't doubt that the same goes for early Ds as well.

First is a 498 BS plane, 'Red Wrath'. The 498th was called the parrots so have a nice parrot design on the nose. They also have a yellow cowling front and spinner. This one has a white outer fin/rudder as well.

From the 500th BS is 'Saturday Nite' with a nice tiger motif on the nose. I has red engine cowl fronts and a white fuselage stripe. Note that the fin/rudder have medium green splotches along the edge. This splotching is also on the edges of the horizontal stab and the wings.

It will be interesting to see if the nose markings actually fit for it is quite difficult to design these things well so that they do.

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