Eagle Strike  48-111: Pearl Harbor pt IV

Units: Kaga air wing


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Scott Van Aken

If you have read the previous review of an earlier sheet, you will know about the use of Ame-iro paint in place of the 'usual' IJN light grey. I've seen several models painted in this color and most of them are slightly different shades. However, all of them are a grey-green color similar to RLM 02, though not as dark. One of these days, a smart paint company will realize that the time is ripe to produce this shade so that we who are lazy won't have to mix paints!

As with the others in this series, there are markings for six planes, two of each. Hasegawa is the kit of choice for all of these, however, you do have options and those are Tamiya and Otaki for the type 21 Zero, Nichimo for the Kate and Tamiya again for the Val. Be advised that the Tamiya kits are probably 1/50 so the markings will be slightly oversized. There are undoubtedly others that I've forgotten to mention. It seems as if the Kates were the only ones to have any upper color camouflage and the Kaga ones used IJN Dark Green. Actually, Black Green would be a more appropriate name for this color as it is quite dark. All of the planes are noted in having blue-black cowlings. Now there is some conjecture that this is really just regular old black that has become weathered. Your choice on this. You may also note that all of the planes have two fuselage bands. This is actually a two sheet set. The second sheet is all Hinomarus with enough of them to do one each of the different types.

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