Eagle Strike  48-107: Skyraiders

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Scott Van Aken

Here is a very interesting sheet of sea blue Skyraiders. Each of these is an electronic warfare version and as such will need to have the kit you use modified. For one thing, no side speed brakes. You will also have to add a door  and windows  on the side and a cooling scoop above the electronics compartment. Several of the planes have additional antennas on the aircraft that will have to be researched. One of these days there will be a dedicated kit of this version, but it hasn't happened yet.

For kits you have the choice of the Tamiya or Monogram A-1 and backdating it somewhat to these earlier versions. Either would be a good starting spot, depending on how much you want to spend on the kit. You must also consider that the Monogram kit, while still good, is older and has raised panel lines. Do not try to build the Revell 1/40 kit as it is a real mess. A third option is the ESCI Skyraider, though it falls short of the front runners.

As mentioned, all of the subject planes are in overall glossy sea blue. The first is and AD-2Q from VF-152 in October of 1949. The only  color so to speak is a black fit top.

Next is a reserve bird from Grosse Isle in 1950. This AD-1Q has the usual orange Reserve band and has a red fin tip. It might not be a bad idea to paint on the orange band as I'd be surprised if the orange decal didn't darken up when applied to the fuselage.

Finally a Korean-based Marine bird. This is an AD-4N that was based at K-16 in 1954. You'll note that the markings have been greyed out to cut down on the visibility. These planes were often used as night intruders.

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