Eagle Strike  48-093: Corsair Collection pt III

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Scott Van Aken


How do you have a 'new' sheet without spending any additional money on research or drawings? Simple, have a 'Best Sellers' sheet or two, or three, or....... For those that collect sheets, this sucks. For those that have been looking for a specific set of markings, it is great! Thought it looks like just a sheet of insignia, this one has markings for four early Corsair -1 and -1As. All are in the tricolor scheme of sea blue, intermediate blue and white (with one possible exception).

First is 'Lonesome Polecat' from VF-17 in 1944. This F4U-1A has the name on the fin.

From VMF-215 is 'Spirit of 76' in 1943. This plane may have also been in the older color of blue-grey over light grey. Obviously there are no definitive reference photos.

The next 'birdcage' Corsair is from VF(N)-101 aboard the USS Enterprise in early 1944. Note the lower demarcation line for the sea blue. Note also the total lack of any unique markings. Talk about a plain-Jane aircraft!

Finally this VF-17 -1A named 'L.A. City Limits' from 1943. Like the VMF-215 plane, it sports the red surround insignia.

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