Eagle Strike  48-092: Checkertail Clan pt III

Units 325 FG




Scott Van Aken


This is the third sheet on 325 FG Mustangs and covers a nice variety of markings. Those of you who bought the Aeromaster 325 FG special sheet might find some duplication. The recommended kit is the Tamiya Mustang, though other 1/48 P-51s should work just as well. For the D models the fin fillet will have to be removed as the Mustangs on this sheet are early ones without that modification. All have red noses and spinners and they also all have pretty similar tail markings. The modeler will have to paint the tail section yellow and then apply the checkerboards. There are enough common markings to do two aircraft and enough checkers for one.

First up is #48, a P-51B called 'The Bastard. It sports three kills and had a faded rudder checkerboard.

'Devestating Dottie' is #27 has 6 kill markings and has yellow stripes just inboard of the wing tips.

The final plane is #22, called 'Mary Nell' and has yellow wing ID bands and red wing tips in addition to the smaller yellow wing stripes, making it the most colorful of the three options.

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