Eagle Strike 48-091 for P-51 B/D Mustang

Units: 325 FG  'Checkertail Clan pt 2'


$9.00 ($7.00 at NA Hobbies)


Scott Van Aken

This is the second sheet covering the 'Checkertail Clan' during its Mustang time period. All are in overall natural metal with the smaller checkertail area than was on the first sheet. Please note that the B models have field applied fin fillets that were about 2 inches longer and taller than those applied at the factory. There are enough common markings and insignia for two planes and checkers for one. The recommended kit is the Tamiya version, though the ICM, Monogram or others could probably be used just as well.

First is #59, 'Shu-shu'. This is the only D on the sheet.

Next is 'Hairless Joe', #85. Several different colors/versions of the nose name are given as the exact color is in question.

Finally, another B model is #87, 'Delightful Dee'. You will note that neither B model uses the various wing stripes that are present on the D model.

Again, I have cropped the sheet to remove the common markings.

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