Eagle Strike 48-090 for P-51D Mustang

Units: 325 FG 'Checkertail Clan pt 1'


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Scott Van Aken

This is the first sheet covering the 325th FG; the Checkertail Clan'. Aeromaster has done several other sheets covering this group's aircraft in the past and this one adds to that collection. These are all the later versions of the unit's markings with the full tail covered in checks. all the planes are in overall natural metal with yellow wing stripes and red noses (the red nose was a Mediterranean theater marking for Allied aircraft). There are enough checks, insignia and data markings to do one of the three aircraft.

First is 'Mary Mac' from the 318th FS. This aircraft has the full color treatment that includes red wing tips and a yellow stripe behind the red nose .

Next is 'Stinker Pat' with a bit of a shark mouth. This one has a red surround to the number and also has the red wing tips.

Finally, 'shu'shu' from  the 318th with an impressive kill tally. This one is without red wing tips. Both all black and red surround numbers are given as the plane flew with both markings at certain times in its career.

If you like colorful aircraft, then any of these should fill the bill. Suggested kit is the Tamiya version of the Mustang, though just about any other could be adapted to these markings.

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