Eagle Strike  48-077 for P-40 Warhawks pt 3

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Scott Van Aken

This is the third sheet from Eagle Strike on the P-40 Warhawk. As with the others, all of them have a shark mouth and all of them are in olive drab over neutral grey. All of the P-40Ns have medium green splotches on the fin, tail planes and wings. The instructions do not show or mention this splotching, but it was quite common with the N model. If you wish to omit this feature, I'm sure that no one would call you out on it!

First aircraft is a P-40K called 'Duke'. Though no units are mentioned on the sheet for any of these schemes, this one is from the 23rd FG. Typical of CBI aircraft, the serial has been painted out and replaced with an aircraft number.

Next is another 23 FG aircraft. This P-40N, 'Rene the Queen' has an ADF antenna on the spine as does the  first and last aircraft on the sheet.

From the 51st FG is this early P-40N (note the rear windows) with the units skull marking on the nose.

Finally, from the 1st CAAC is 'Shirley II', a P-40N in Chinese markings and a rather gruesome shark mouth.

For kits, you have various boxings from AMT, Mauve and Eduard to choose from.

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