Eagle Strike  48-075 Warhawks pt 1

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Scott Van Aken

Thanks to a few good books on the Warhawk and the CBI theater of operations, we've been blessed with a number of very good decal sheets on the type. Typical of what happens when you have several companies producing decals, there is some duplication of schemes as you may have seen one or two of these before. All but one of these planes is in 'US equivalent' dark green/dark earth over sky grey as they were initially destined for the British.

First is 'Miss Wanna II', a P-40K from China circa 1944. As with the other aircraft on the sheet, the serial has been painted out.

Next is the lone P-40N on the sheet. It is 'Lope's Hope' and is painted in olive drab over neutral grey. It and the previous plane have an adf loop antenna on the spine.

This P-40E is an ex-Flying Tiger and flown by Ed Rector. Though the Chinese markings are gone from the wings, it retains all the other markings from its previous unit.

Finally, another P-40K from the 23rd FG. 'Ole Hellion' is in the disruptive camo of the previous aircaft.

As usual, I've cropped some of the common markings from the  bottom of the sheet.

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