Eagle Strike  48-072: Falcons Overseas pt 1

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Scott Van Aken

Though this is a 2001 sheet, it should still be around so I can't really call it an 'oldie'. The recommended kit is the Hasegawa 1/48 F-16C, though I'm sure it will also fit the Italeri kit. All the aircraft are painted in the three greys scheme of  FS 36118/36320/36375. They are from units based in Japan and Italy.

The first aircraft is the Wing Commander's plane from the 31 FW at Aviano, Italy. This one carries some nose art as well as the colors of the two squadrons attached to the wing.

Next is a standard aircraft from the 555 FS/31 FW. Both of these planes are block 42 F-16s.

From the 14 FS/35 FW at Misawa, Japan. This is a block 50 F-15CJ Wild Weasel.

The final aircraft is the Wing Comander's plane from the 35 FW with the tail band in the color of both attached squadrons.

You get full insignia for all four aircraft and there is a note that states that there was very little stenciling on these planes.

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