Eagle Strike  48-061: Spitfires pt III

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Scott Van Aken

Here is a great sheet for those wanting some aftermarket decals for your Hasegawa or ICM Spitfire IX. all are painted in Dark Gree/Ocean Grey over Medium Sea Grey with yellow ID wing bands and Sky spinners. There are enough insignia for two aircraft and data stencils for one aircraft.

First up is Spit IXc of Group Captain Gabszewicz of 131 wing in 1944. His Spit has D-Day stripes under the fuselage.

Next is a 93 Sq Spit IX. Unlike the others on this sheet, this one has no Sky rear fuselage band.

From 303 Sq, comes this Spit IXc from mid-1943

Finally, a 312 Sq Mk IX from early 1944.

Generally Spitfires were not the most colorful aircraft around; this sheet proving that, but offering some options from what are provided in kits.

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