Eagle Strike 48-041 Albatros Part 1

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Scott Van Aken

I recently picked up this sheet in a collection and though it is long out of production (2001), thought I'd share it with you. The sheet is designed for the Eduard kits, which are still quite easy to find. There are seven different options on this one with some having wood fuselages and others having them painted

First up is Ltn Ulrich Neckel's plane from Jasta 12 in 1917. It has a black rear fuselage with white and black nose.

In an overall grey with green upper surfaces is Ltn Kur Monnington's plane from Jasta 15 in 1917.

Lt. Georg von Hantelmann's red and blued Jasta 15 plane is from early 1918

The first Albatros D.III is this nice one with lots of red on it with Jasta 11 i the Spring of 1917. Pilot is unknown.

Another D.II with a white tail and black/white bands is Gerhard Bassenge of Jast 2 in 1917

The overall light plane  D.III with white tail and black/white bands was flown by Ltn Hermann Frommerz of Jasta 2 in 1917.

Finally a Jasta 10 D.V, again with a white tail and a big black fuselage band.

Most of these planes had the mauve and green or brown and green upper flying surfaces though some had lozenge. The decals themselves are printed in Mexico and are without registration issues. It looks like there are enough markings to do most of these schemes.

July 2017

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