Eagle Strike 48-031: P-47D Thunderbolt

Units: Various




Scott Van Aken

Yes, I know, another P-47D sheet. Well that is because there were a lot of them during the second world war so there is a ton of reference stuff for them. This one covers some of the lesser known planes and gives a good selection of markings. Though it was designed for the Hasegawa kit, there is no reason why an enterprising modeler couldn't use it on a Tamiya, or Monogram or Otaki kit. It may even fit the old Testors/Hawk version! All planes have the Curtiss-Electric asymmetrical prop. The first subject has the additional fin fillet.

With its yellow cowling and OD/NMF finish, 'Frigid Midgit' makes for a most unusual plane. Please note that the fin fillet is also in NMF as well as some other sheet metal around it. It was obviously fitted out with this after it was painted. The wings on this plane are also NMF as they are replacements. This 394FS/367 FG T-bolt was a D-27.

Next is a D-28 from the 354FS/355 FG. 'Live Bait' has a blue nose with blue and white diamond pattern as well as many kills. It is overall NMF with the usual ID bands in black on the empennage.

Another D-28 is 'Sleepy Jean the 3rd' also in NMF but with a red cowling and stripe as denoted a plane from the 395 FS/368 FG. All in all a colorful batch.

Not shown are two data sheets and four additional insignia.

Review sheet courtesy of me and my decal collection.

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