Eagle Strike  48-030:P-47D Thunderbolt

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$9.00 MSRP in 2001


Scott Van Aken

Here is a nice Thunderbolt sheet from a few years back. It has three bare metal D model 'bubbletops' and the suggested kit is the Hasegawa P-47. Nowadays, most will pick the Tamiya kit and I'm sure that these will fit other kits with a bit of fudging. All have Curtiss-Electric asymmetrical props.

First up is 'La Mort' with the 390 FS/366 FG. This aircraft has the distinction of knocking down a FW-190 during Operation Boddenplatte using air to ground rockets!

'Wee Speck' is from the 355 FS/354 FG. This aircraft has a nice blue cowl front and spinner that needs to be painted to match the blue on the decal.

Finally, comes 'Ole Trapper' from the 366 FS/358 FG. This aircraft is fitted with the extended fin fillet, an orange tail and a red cowling, making for a most interesting and colorful aircraft.

Though not shown, there is an addendum sheet that has data markings for two aircraft.


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