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Eagle Strike 48-010 for Do-217E


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Scott Van Aken


'Deadly Dorniers'

Developed from the earlier Do-17, the Do-217 was basically a heavier version of the preceeding type. Increased engine size meant increased bomb load, increased range and increased weight. The aircraft was listed as a heavy bomber when it first reached production. The Do-217E variants were those that were the most used, reaching squadrons in 1940 and remaining viable until 1943/44 by which time they were either supplanted by the He-177 or withdrawn from service on the Western front and sent to Russia. Attrition was high for the 217 as many were badly mauled in the mass raids that were undertaken against the British early in its career. Frankly, it was in the maritime attack units where the Do-217 was relatively successful.

The only kits for the 217E are the superb Koster vacuform and the new ProModeler injected kit. Since Bill Koster designed both kits, it is not unusual to expect the ProModeler one to fit like a dream. For more info on the 217 and a look at the PM kit, use this link.

Eagle strike is the first out of the barn with a sheet for this aircraft. (Wonder where they were when the Ju-52 was released. I'm still waiting for a sheet for that plane, and it has been well over two years!) Frankly, I almost didn't buy it. The high price tag seemed a bit excessive to me. Granted, there are two sheets in the set, one of them being all insignia and swastikas (not shown). However, it still seemed quite high. In a buying frenzy, I couldn't resist and grabbed it up.

Interestingly enough, the color insert is printed by Aeromaster, which makes me wonder what the tie-in is between these two companies. Reference for all the aircraft is the Warpaint book on the Do-217E. All of the aircraft are painted in RLM 70/71 uppers with RLM 65 lowers. Suffice it to say, the Do-217 was not exactly an aircraft that carried a lot of different paint schemes. There are enough common markings to do all five aircraft illustrated, so you can split the cost of the sheet with friends. On to the aircraft represented.

First is a DO-217E-1 of 5/KG40. The only real color is the red spinners.

Second plane is from 3/KG 2. No subtype is given so research is required to determine that info. This one has a large #18 on the tail.

From 8/KG2 comes this black bottomed 217E. Again the variant isn't given.

Another black bottomed aircraft is the very boring looking aircraft from 4/KG40.

Finally, a Do-217E-4 from 5/KG2. This one has the underside blue most of the way up the fuselage as on fighters. The codes are also in light grey instead of black.

While I know none of the schemes are enough to get really excited about, and none of the aircraft are the E-5 variant of the PM kit (that means you don't get to use the Fritz X bombs), you can at least make your 217E a bit different from the others on the tables!

Review copy courtesy of me and my wallet! 

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