Eagle Strike  32-073 Avengers part III

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Scott Van Aken


The third  sheet for the Trumpeter 1/32 Avenger has five more nice schemes.

First up is a TBM-1 from the USS Mission Bay in the tri-color scheme with red surround insignia and big yellow code letters. This scheme is very popular with modelers of all scales as I've seen it a number of times at shows.

Next is a Fleet Air Arm Avenger II in the standard FAA scheme with large Invasion bands around the fuselage and wings.

A TBM-1C from VT-7 aboard the USS Hancock is next. It and the remaining aircraft on the sheet has the tri-color paint schemes. The Hancock's tail symbol was a horseshoe

From VC-76 is the next tri-color TBM-1C. It has a shamrock on the fin.

The final aircraft is a TBM-3, and it is also in the tri-color scheme. This one had a sea blue fin with twin lightning bolts on it. These last three options will have to rob the kit decals for insignia.

All in all, a great sheet with lots of options.

January 2006

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