Eagle Strike  32-072 Avengers part II

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Scott Van Aken


This is the second sheet covering the Avenger for the Trumpeter 1/32 kit. There are a variety of markings and camo schemes for three Fleet Air Arm aircraft.

First up is an Avenger I in the Atlantic scheme of Extra Dark Sea Grey/Dark Slate Grey (your standard upper surface colors) over White as it wore with 711 Sq in 1945.

Next is another Avenger I from 832 Squadron in 1944. It is wearing standard upper camo with Sky undersides and white ID markings on the forward cowl, wings and tail planes. Small SEAC roundels.

Finally a Tarpon II from 848 Squadron, aboard HMS Formidable in mid 1945. Same camo as previous aircraft with larger SEAC insignia.

As a last note, a reader sent in this information on the Tarpon:

"As it is a Tarpon II the colors should be  US Olive Drab, US Sea Gray, and US Light Gray. All Tarpon II a/c were built by Eastern Aircraft ( they could be TBM-1 or -1c) were painted in these US equivalent colors."

Insignia for all and you'll have to use any stencils you may wish from the kit's decal sheet.

January 2006

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