Eagle Strike  32-067: Imperial Hayate pt 3

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Scott Van Aken

The third of three new 1/32 Ki-84 sheets covers another pair of colorful planes. As with the first sheet, it is for the Hasegawa 1/32 'Frank' as I don't think there is any other in this scale.  The sheet includes insignia for both aircraft though you'll have to find a second set of lower wing insignia from the kit if doing both.

First option is from the 29th  Sentai in Formosa during 1945. Both of these planes are in Nakajima Dark Green over Light Grey. This one has the catching blue 'swoosh' that runs from the fin to behind the cockpit. Spinner is also in this shade of blue.

The other is from the 520th Temporary Interception Regiment in early 1945. Same colors as the previous aircraft and with while 'bandages' on the wings and fuselage over which the insignia go. These markings were used for home defense units and will have to be painted in place. A red spinner on this one and both planes have the yellow leading edge IFF stripes. In addition, they both have yellow flap warning areas.

As with most 1/32 sheets, the kit stencils will have to be used due to a lack of available space on the sheet.

Two very striking schemes for your  Ki-84.

May 2005

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