Eagle Strike  32-066: Imperial Hayate pt 2

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Scott Van Aken

The second of three new 1/32 Ki-84 sheets covers another pair of colorful planes. As with the first sheet, it is for the Hasegawa 1/32 'Frank' as I don't think there is any other in this scale.  The sheet includes insignia for one aircraft.

The first aircraft is from the the 182nd Special Attack unit. The aircraft has a dark brown/green upper surface with light grey lower surfaces. The wing guns have been removed from this aircraft.

The second is from the 57th Special Attack unit and is a most striking scheme with a huge red arrow on the fuselage. It is painted in a chocolate brown upper surface with light grey undersides and a red spinner. On both these planes the prop is a greenish grey color that is a bit more to the green shade. This prop color seems to be unique to the Ki-84.

As with most 1/32 sheets, the kit stencils will have to be used due to a lack of available space on the sheet.

The instructions are most complete when it comes to attaching the markings for the lower scheme. Additional bits are provided should you find need for them. Two very striking schemes for your  Ki-84.

May 2005

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