Eagle Strike  32-065: Imperial Hayates pt 1

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Scott Van Aken

I do believe that this is the first aftermarket sheet for the new Hasegawa 1/32 Ki-84 'Hayate'. The sheet includes insignia for one aircraft.

Both of these aircraft are from the same unit, and from what I've read, the 57th was a 'special attack' unit. First aircraft was flown by the Sentai Leader, 2nd Lt Ito, in May of 1945. Upper surface is IJAAF Dark Green with a hint of brown in it with the undersides in Light Grey. This aircraft has bomb racks attached.

Second is also from the 57th during the 1945 time frame. It is in a Chocolate Brown upper surface scheme with Light Grey lower surfaces.

The instructions are most complete when it comes to attaching the markings for the lower scheme. Additional bits are provided should you find need for them. Two very striking schemes for your bid Ki-84.

May 2005

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