Empire City Decals 7210: Lend Lease Heroes

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Scott Van Aken

Just got in the latest new sheet from Empire City Decals. This one has a nice variety of planes that operated with the Soviet air forces. All are Lend-Lease types. There are 8 markings options for 6 different aircraft types.

First is a P39N in OD over Neutral Grey from the 129th GvIAP in early 1945.

Next a P-39D in winter white for the upper surface and a replacement OD engine intake. This one is from the 2nd GSAP from the winter of 1942/43

The Spitfire V is from the 97th GvIAP in 1943 and has a large Yellow lightning bolt. Standard RAF camo.

The first of two Hurricanes is  an Mk.II with the Northern Fleet in 1942. It has had the fuselage repainted in white and dark brown where the RAF markings once were.

Option 5 is a P-40N from 1943 with the 2nd GvIAP. It has a large fin/rudder marking of an anchor and a spade.

The second Hurricane is with the Northern Fleet and the markings are somewhat speculative. Roundels overpainted in a medium green.

The first of the two bombers is a B-25D from early 1945. Large nose artwork on this one.

Finally, an A-20G from 1944. It also has large areas of medium green over-painting previous markings.  A nice white lightning bolt.

Many of these markings can be found in a recent book I reviewed on American Aircraft in Russian Service. A really great sheet with a ton of interesting subjects. Kits are readily available for all these aircraft. These decals are very nicely printed by AviaPrint in the Czech Republic so are going to be thin.  Instructions are easy to follow and are printed on cardstock for durability.

This sheet is also available in 1/48 scale.

My thanks to Empire City Decals for the review sample. You can get yours direct from the hyperlink.

September 2009

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