Empire City Decals 7203: Mitsubishi Ki-51

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Scott Van Aken


This sheet covers the Ki-51 with no fewer than seven markings options. The sheet is like the first one in that it is printed on an ALPS printer. This means that it is covered by a single carrier sheet so individual markings will need to be cut out. It also means that you have to be careful when handling these as these sorts of decals are more easily damaged that the usual waterslide versions. For kits, you have the Hasegawa/Mania version that is really quite nice, despite its age. All of these aircraft have a base color of Mitsubishi grey-green.

First is from the 45th Sentai in the Philippines in early 1945. The upper surface has been spotted with some very tight dark green splotches.

Next, in a similar camo to the first is an aircraft of the 48th Sentai, also in the Philippines during 1945.

With an overall dark green upper surface, this 66 Sentai Ki-51 was based in Burma during early 1944.

Again, an aircraft with upper surface green blotches, though not quite a dense as the earlier options. This plane was in Okinawa during early 1945 with the 71st Sentai.

Option #5 is of the 83rd Sentai based in Japan in 1942

From the 104th Rentai in Japan during 1944 is this standard scheme Ki-51.

Finally, a 42nd Chutai plane based in Taiwan during 1944.

The sheet contains a single set of Hinomarus and all the tail markings, so if you want to do more than one plane, you'll need to use the kit or aftermarket insignia.

My thanks to Empire City Decals for the review sample. You can get yours direct from the hyperlink.

February 2007

This one is from the decal dungeon.

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