Empire City Decals 4811: Colorful Hayates

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Scott Van Aken

This latest sheet from Empire City Decals continues with their Japanese theme and includes markings based on five unpublished photos. Those who like the Ki-84 should be quite pleased with this set as it allows some rather unusual schemes to be modeled. As with more recent Empire City Decals, this sheet is superbly printed by AviPrint.

For kits, you have several choices. First is the old Tamiya kit, which is a bit undersized at 1/50 scale, though these markings can be made to fit. The next is the Otaki/Arii kit of similar age. It is 1/48 but has some shape issues, mostly to do with a wing that is either too fat  or too short (take your pick). Most will want to use the best kit out there in 1/48 and that is the Hasegawa version. 1/72 modelers should also pick the Hasegawa kit as, though somewhat lacking in cockpit detail, it is the best one out there. True Details makes an excellent resin cockpit for the 1/72 Hasegawa kit and that is recommended if one is going that route.

First is from the 1st Rensai-Hikotai at Nakatsu AF in Japan during 1945

Next options is an aircraft from the 71st Hiko-Sentai in the Philippines during early 1945

The third option is a light grey over the green-grey underside from the 52nd Hiko-Sentai at Chofu AB, Japan in 1945

Fourth is one from the 9th Hiko-Sentai at Suchow China in 1945.

The final option in a brownish camouflage is from the 51st Hiko-Sentai and found at Atsugi AB in Japan in 1945. This is a bit unusual as Atsugi is a Naval air base.

Each of the markings options has a much greater explanation included in the instructions than what I have given. This includes color data and other markings details.

An outstanding set, especially as aftermarket sheets for Japanese aircraft are few and far between.

My thanks to Empire City Decals for the review sample. You can get yours direct from the hyperlink.

November 2010

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