Empire City Decals 4808: Ki-43-II Oscar


Empire City Decals 4808 Ki-43-II Oscar

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Scott Van Aken

This latest sheet from Empire City Decals continues with their Japanese theme and includes no fewer than 14 aircraft. It is possible to mark three complete planes with the insignia provided. I should mention that I have darkened the sheet so that the white stands out better. This sheet is superbly printed by AviPrint.

All markings are for the Ki-43-II and you can find kits of this plane from Hasegawa (I think) and Fine Molds in 1/48

First is an Indonesian Air Force plane from 1946. This plane was pieced together from the various abandon planes left by the departing Japanese.

Second is a Royal Thai aircraft from 1944 in distinctive 'tiger stripe' camo. Like nearly all the planes on this sheet, the underside in unpainted metal.

#3 is from 63rd Sentail in New Guinea during 1943. Very light mottling with yellow unit markings on the fin.

Fourth option is 19th Hikotai based in China during 1945. Again, light mottling over unpainted meal and a dark blue unit marking.

From the 25th Sentai based in China during late 1944, is a heavily weathered  upper green surface with the two-sized numer '22' on the fin.

A very clean green painted aircraft of the 26th Sentai based on Java in mid 1945 is next. It has the white 'winged' tail markings.

A totally unpainted Oscar from the 55th Sentail based in Japan during 1944 is next. It has a red fin marking.

Eighth option s a somewhat weathered 47th sentai aircraft based near Tokyo in 1944. The white 'sawtooth' unit marking is on the fin.

#9 is a mottled 33rd Sentai plane from Sumatra in 1944. A wide white fuselage band edged in white is on this one.

Another nicely mottled plane from the 24th Sentai, based on New Ireland in 1944 has a red fuselage band with a red flash on the fin.

From the 19th Hiko-Dan HQ based near Tokyo in 1943 is this unpainted plane with a simple red and blue fin marking.

Based on Sumatra is late 1943 is a nicely mottled 26th Sentai plane. It has a distinctive red fin marking with three red stripes.

Lucky 13 is from the 9th Sentai in Sumatra during 1944. This green painted plane has a circle and diamond marking on the fin.

Finally, another green painted plane from Formosa this time. This 8th Hikotai plane from 1944 has a two circle marking on the fin with the outer circle segmented.

This sheet is also available in 1/72 for those who prefer to model in that scale.

Empire City Decals puts their placement data and background information on hard cards, something I find superior to the usual paper and it also helps to protect the decals.

An outstanding set, especially as aftermarket sheets for Japanese aircraft are few and far between.

My thanks to Empire City Decals for the review sample. You can get yours direct from the hyperlink.

March 2008

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