Empire City Decals  4805: French P-47 Thunderbolts

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Scott Van Aken


This is the fifth Empire City decal sheet, the third I've seen and the first that is done as a standard waterslide decal. The sheet is not for any specific kit, though I'm sure most will choose the Tamiya version for this. A nice selection of bubbletop jugs on this sheet with two in camouflage and two in unpainted metal. All are WWII era planes, though the French did use them extensively post war.

First is camouflaged version from GC III/3 'Ardennes' in the winter of 1944. It has a standard camo scheme and sports full rudder stripes and half size invasion stripes. The latter was not at all uncommon when the French AF was fighting in Europe.

Second is an unpainted version with the fin fillet and a red rudder, though it seems from the drawing to only be on the left side. It also seems that the upper wings are still OD. This P-47D-30 is from GC II/3 'Dauphine' on Corsica at the end of the war.

The next camouflaged aircraft is from GC I/4 'Navarre'. It has a red cowl front and spinner with yellow wing bands. Appears that the rudder is a replacement from another aircraft.

Finally another D-30 version from GC II/5 'Lafayette' also in Corsica during late 1944. Red cowl fron on this aircraft as well.

The sheet is superbly printed by AviPrint in the Czech Republic and if one chooses carefully can do at least two of the options and perhaps three with the available insignia. The sheet is also available in 1/72 and the price includes worldwide shipping.

My thanks to Empire City Decals for the review sample. You can get yours direct from the hyperlink.

February 2007

This one is from the decal dungeon.

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