Empire City Decals 3502: Flashpoint T-55s

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Scott Van Aken

Just got in the latest new sheet from Empire City Decals. This one is a bit different as it is an armor sheet. This one covers the Soviet T-55, a tank that was a mainstay of many armed forces in the 1960s and is still in service with some. Since it is a tank sheet, there are not a ton of markings so there are marking for 24 different tanks. Most of them are in a dark green or a desert tan scheme. However, some have a variegated scheme that should provide considerable interest. The decal placement guide shows only the turret as that is where the majority of markings were on these tanks. You are on your own as to the rest of the hull for some of these camo schemes, but I'm sure that the references cited will provide you with much more information.

Allow me to quote from the placement guide as to what is offered. Unless stated, they are in green.

1. White 364 of the Afghan army in the 1960s.

2. Yellow 813 of the North Vietnamese army in 1975

3. White 739, Uganda 1978. Many earth colored splotches all over the tank.

4. White 245, Ethiopian Army. 1990s. Light green and black bands

5.White 212, Cuban Army, Angola 1980s.

6. White 417, Albanian Army, 1999

7. White 13, Iraqi Army 1980s. Sand

8. White 220, Eritrean Army, 1990s, heavily faded green

9. Yellow 030, Cambodian Army 1993

10. Syrian Army 1967. No number but a patriotic slogan painted on the turret.

11.Red 729, North Vietnamese army 1972

12. White 258, Nicaraguan Army 2007

13. White 4M109, Rumanian Army 1988

14. South Sudan Liberation Movement 2009, with irregular reddish brown, black and white camo over green

15. Libyan Army 1981. Sand with patriotic name

16. Black 30, Egyptian Army 1967, sand camo

17. White 10052, Slovenian Army 1990s, dark green and earth splotches.

18. White 140202 South Lebanon Christian Militia 1980s.

19. White 513 . Somali army 1990s. Sand with dark green and olive splotches

20. White 210, Mongolian Army 1980s.

21.  White 016, North Korea 1970s

22. White 010, Somali army 1978

23. Africa Union 2007

24. White 682, Peruvian Army 2007.

The full color decal placement guide also shows where some of the forward hull markings are to be applied for a few of the schemes that use them. The sheet itself is very nicely printed by AviPrint in the Czech Republic so they will be quite thin. 

If you are thinking of a 1/35, T-55, then you really should get this sheet.

November 2009

My thanks to Empire City Decals for the review sample. You can get yours direct from the hyperlink.

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