Empire City Decals 3501: Stalin's Diplomat: T-34 Tank


Empire City Decals 7206: Special Attackers

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Scott Van Aken

It has been a while since Empire City Decals sent a sheet for review and this one is a good one. It is their first sheet for armor and they have picked a good one, the T-34/85. There are 15 sets of markings for these tanks, many of them post WWII and for some interesting countries. Since the vast majority of markings are on the turret, that is what is shown for each and every tank. For those with markings elsewhere besides the turret sides, the full color decal placement guide shows those as well. Arabic numbers in two different stroke weights are provided for those tanks that will use them.  Like Empire City Decals' last sheet, these are standard waterslide markings printed by AviPrint in the Czech Republic.

So let us take a look at what is on this particular sheet. The turrets are numbered left to right on down the page.

1.  119th Tank Regiment, Winter 1944 in a whitewashed winter scheme.
2.  202nd Armored Regiment, North Vietnamese army, 1971
3.  Finnish 2nd Tank Regiment, 1944 in a three color scheme
4.  Polish 3rd Armored Brigade, May 1945
5.  No unit listed, Russia, May 1945
6.  Greek Cypriot National Guard 1974
7.  Somali Army 1978
8.  1st Czech Armored Brigade, winter 1945
9.   44th Armored Brigade, Syrian Army 1967
10. Egyptian Army, Suez, 1956
11. Angolan Marxist Army 1980's
12. Unknown Soviet unit, 1944
13. Somali Army 1980s
14. 56th Guards Brigade, Germany 1946
15. Lebanese milita, Beirut 1982. This set of markings uses the printed posters included in the set.

So there you have it. No specific tank is called out, but both Dragon, Tamiya and others  make a T-34/85 so finding one to use should be no problem. Several references are also provided for those who might need it.

October 2008

My thanks to www.empirecitydecals.com for the review sheet. Get yours from the link today!

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