Eduard XL509: A6M5 Zero

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Scott Van Aken

When dealing with larger scales, things like decal masks become not only more viable, but often result in a much nicer appearing model. This is such a set.

Designed for the Tamiya 1/32 A6M5, it is a set that would be easily as usable on kits from Hasegawa and others in this scale. Japanese navy planes were generally pretty minimally marked, often with little more than the unit code and aircraft number printed on the tail. These tail markings were either in white or yellow. It is often difficult to determine the exact shade when looking at black and white photos so one can either follow the recommendations of the sheet or choose your own,

This set provides markings for three different aircraft. While there is a painting guide of sorts, no information on which units or time periods is provided.

The mask set comes with instructions and in this case, Eduard would rather have you completely paint the camouflage and then apply the masks. The set also includes prop stripes and the colored stripes that go on the landing gear covers. Personally, I'd use the kit decals for the latter.

If you have never used things like this, it may be something you should try. It will definitely add a new dimension to your modeling.

December 2017

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