Eagle Cals 4817: Hs-129S

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Scott Van Aken

Here is another nice sheet on the Hs-129. Though many of the schemes have been reproduced on the sheets of other companies, Eagle Cals has some of the best research so where there are differences, I'd take preference in the EagleCals information. Though there are two Hs-129 kits out there, I'd take the Hasegawa one over the ESCI version any day.

All of these are B-2 variants. The first one is from 4./SG 2 in Libya during 1942/3. It is in Italian Sand Yellow 1 (or RLM 79) and RLM 80 over RLM 65.

Next is Red J in the standard scheme of RLM 70/71 over 65, though the splinter scheme did not reproduce well due to the closeness of the two shades. This aircraft is with 8./SG 1 in Russia and has the usual theater bands in yellow. It also has a red forward spinner.

From 10./SG 9 is another Russian front plane. This one is painted the same as the above aircraft, but carries the Mk 103 cannon vice the Mk.101 of all the others.

Finally another desert 129, this time from 8./SG 2 This one has the RLM 79 (or Italian Sand Yellow 1) sprayed over the standard camo scheme. White Mediterranean theater markings are carried under the wings and on the fuselage. No nose markings are on this one. The upper surface markings are partially oversprayed.

Eagle Cals provides common markings for all four subjects.

Review copy courtesy of me.

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