Eagle Cals 32 72 P-38 Lightings

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Scott Van Aken

With the new Trumpeter P-38L kit on the market, it was inevitable that all the major decal makers would be scrambling to do sheets for it. This is the first from EagleCals and covers two bare metal P-38s. There was a nice build up of this kit at the more recent NIMO show and it does make into a very impressive model, despite all the molding glitches (can you say lots of sink areas).

First scheme is for Tommy McGuire's 'Pudgy V' from the 431 FS/475 FG. This option will require the builder to paint the fin tips, nose and back section of the spinners and lower radio mast to match the red on the decals. Two different styles of rear boom stripes are provided.

The other is 'Happy Jack's Go Buggy', the mount of Jack Ilfrey of the 79 FS. The builder of this option will have to back date the Trumpeter kit to a P-38J-15 variant by removing the four fuel boost pump bulges and the two anti-compressibility flaps from the underside of the wings. There are also a few other minor changes, but those are the two biggies. This aircraft has yellow spinners and engine fronts as well as a white stripe around the nose.

Common markings are provided for one aircraft, probably more than most of us will ever build!

Thanks to EagleCals for the review sheet

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