Eagle Cals 3271: P-40 Tomahawk IIB

Units: 112 Sq


$10.50 MSRP


Scott Van Aken

Coming on line with some additional options for the Trumpeter P-40B, EagleCals has provided two 112 Sq Tomahawk IIBs. Both carry the famed shark mouth that they pinched from a German Bf-110 unit and was also the inspiration of the AVG group; the famed Flying Tigers. Anyway, the Brits had it on their P-40s first.

This sheet has two desert camo'd Tomahawks from 112 Sq. The desert camo was painted right over the European scheme and so that explains the dark rectangle in which the serial number is presented as that was merely painted over. You'll have to do something similar to get that nice RAF Dark Green background.

The upper aircraft is 112 Squadron's later markings with the full code, whole the lower aircraft is what was initially carried on the aircraft, and that is just the individual aircraft number.

The very nice Kagero book on the history of 112 Sq has much information on the P-40s that were flown by them during the desert air war.

You may notice that both aircraft have antenna masts, something not normally carried by US early P-40s. Fortunately for we modelers, the Brits were using VHF radio sets so those complex long-wire HF radio antennas were not used. Just a small lead-in from the antenna into the upper fuselage.

There are enough common markings to do one aircraft. If you want to do them both, you'll have to rob the kit decals for the second set of insignia.

Thanks to EagleCals for the review sheet

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