EagleCals 32116: Spitfire IX


EagleCals 32116: Spitfire IX

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Scott Van Aken

Good timing on this one as it is just in time for the latest 1/32 Spit IX. This particular pair of sheets includes one for a set of roundels and data while the other sheet has the unique markings and a few more insignia bits allowing two planes to be done from this sheet. All three planes are in the standard RAF fighter camo of the time and the builder will need to paint the fuselage band and wing leading edge ID markings. Gun cover patches are part of this sheet.

First option is from 402 Sq RCAF as flown by Lorne M Cameron. This particular aircraft has the large cannon blisters, five spoke wheels and has the short carb intake. It also appears to have the early elevators.

Second is a 412 Sq RCAF aircraft as flown by George Keefer. This plane has the longer carb intake, narrow blisters, five spoke wheels and the later elevators. D-Day markings under the wings that do  not cover the gear doors or reach the wing leading edges.

Finally, another 402 Sq RCAF Spit IX as flown by Ian Keltie. Like the first option but with the outer guns removed and ports faired over. It has an oil cooler in the port wing root with a gun camera in the starboard root.

As with all Eagle Edition products, the research is first rate and the instructions also include a superb data placement guide.

June 2008

Thanks to EagleCals for the review sheet.

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