Eagle Cals #173: FW-190As
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Scott Van Aken

After a fairly long pause since the last sheet, Eagle Cals has brought forth another fine sheet. This one covers early FW-190A variants: an A-2 and three A-3 models. For kits, we have several for the A-3 from Tamiya, Hasegawa and Eduard. Only Eduard does a dedicated A-2. I'm sure this sheet is in response to the recent Eduard kits, but nothing is kit specific. All of the options are in RLM 74/75/76 with yellow lower cowlings and yellow rudders. Spinners and prop blades are RLM 70.

First up is the A-2 when it was with 3./JG 26 in May of 1942.

Next up is the first of the A-3 aircraft, this time with Stab IV./JG 5 when based in Norway during 1942

The third option is an aircraft that was with 9./JG2 during the summer of 1942.

Finally a 3./JG 2 plane also in the summer of 1942. All but the JG 5 plane were based in France and all have varying degrees of mottling.

As usual, the instructions are first rate with lots of notes. This set also includes photos, which is a nice touch. Decals are printed by Cartograf so you know they are good. This sheet is only available in 1/48 scale due to a paucity of good kits of these variants in other scales.

November 2020

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