Eagle Cals #170: Me-262B-1a/U-1
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Scott Van Aken


The latest sheet from EagleCals is for the 1/48 Me-161B interim Night Fighter. The kits that are available in this scale are the older Dragon version and more recent Hobby Boss kit.

The sheet provides markings for three airplanes.

First up is 'Red 10', which like all the other planes was operated by NJG 11 during the last month of the war. The aircraft is heavily mottled over its RLM 76 upper surfaces and has matte black undersides.

In a similar scheme is 'Red 8', also from NJG 11. Both of these planes operated with fuel tanks under the nose on pylons to help extend the time in the air.

The last option is one of 'Watson's Whizzers' and is named 'Ole Fruitcake'. After capture, the americans overpainted the German markings and painted the nose and fin tip in red.

There are sufficient data markings for two planes and insignia for all three. The swastikas are split. In addition to information on each markings options that is much more in depth than what I've provided, there is a full stencil placement guide.

A very nice and, as usual, well researched sheet for your next 262 two seat build.

March 2018

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