Eagle Cals 147: 1/32 He-219
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Scott Van Aken

Notes: Also available in 1/48 scale

This sheet comes to you thanks to both Revell and Z-M who have produced new 1/32 He-219s. Since the aircraft was not exactly festooned with fancy markings, you have the opportunity to choose from three different sets of camouflage schemes.

First up is G9+FK, a He-210A-0 as flown by  Ernst-Wilhelm Modrow, who ended the war with 33 victories. This sheet shows his 1./NJG 1 aircraft in overall RLM 76 with small RLM 75 mottles. This aircraft also had most of the underside of the right wing and nacelle painted black.

Next in line is a He-219A-7 that was found with the cockpit blown up at the end of the war. No codes and no other info known, but it does have a somewhat unusual RLM 76 with RLM 75 mottles camoflage.

The final option is an He-210A-2 coded D5+BL as flown with 3./NJG 3 based in Denmark. This aircraft was chosen for testing by the British. It has black undersurfaces and wings along with the fins as part of its RLM 76 scheme with RLM 75 mottles.

Note that the second and third options have angled nose antennas. In some cases either kit markings or paper masks that are provided on the instructions will be needed for insignia. Swastikas are the 'in sections' type and spinner spirals are provided, which is a nice touch. The sheet itself is superbly printed by Cartograf and the instruction sheet is first rate, including a photo of the second option.

November 2012

Sheet courtesy of EagleCals. Visit them for a look at some great sheets and to pick up this one.

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