Eagle Cals 146: 1/32 B-25H
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Scott Van Aken


Thanks to the upcoming or recent release (guess I don't keep up on these things that well) of a 1/32 B-25H Mitchell, EagleCals has provided a nice set of decals for this kit. There are two sheets in this one with one sheet being two sets of national insignia with one set having a faded center. A bunch of prop blade logos is also on this sheet. The other sheet has the unique markings for three different aircraft.

The initial offering is 'Eatin' Kitty' a B-25H-10 based at Foggia Italy  with the 12th Bomb Group in late 1943. This aircraft is in the standard OD over Neutral grey with red prop hubs.

Next is a B-25H-1 that was assigned to the 345th Bomb Group in mid 1944. An entire squadron was equipped with these early H models before being quickly replaced by the H-5 within a few months. This one will require a bit of painting on the part of the modeler. Over its OD/Neutral Grey scheme, one will need to paint the outer fins white and the engine cowlings with yellow. A template is provided to help with painting the yellow and green nose markings. It appears this aircraft and the previous option did not have the forward fuselage gun packs so decals are provided to show either bare metal or fresh OD where these were removed.

The final option is an unpainted metal B-25H-5 that was with the 42nd Bomb Group in mid 1944. This one is named 'Dutch' and did have the side guns installed.

The sheet itself is superbly printed by Cartograf and the instruction sheet is first rate, providing both references and information on each option. including a photo of the second option.

November 2012

Sheet courtesy of EagleCals. Visit them for a look at some great sheets and to pick up this one.

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