Eagle Cals 145: 1/32 B-25J - 345 BG
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Scott Van Aken


This new sheet from Eagle Cals is for the new 1/32 B-25J Mitchell and covers three planes, each from a different squadron of the 345th Bomb Group "Air Apaches". All of them are basically olive drab over neutral grey and they are all gun nose planes. None of these planes are carrying the fuselage gun packs.

The first option is for 'Fatso' a B-25J-22 of the 500th Bomb Squadron in April 1945. The aircraft will use the olive drab markings that show where the side gun package was removed. The white fuselage band will need to be painted.

Next is 199, a 501 Bomb Squadron plane. This one as shown on July 1945. It has an unpainted metal nose and uses the silver side gun pack decals to show where that was removed. This aircraft had red forward engine cowlings and white wing bands. It also had a replacement rudder on the right side which resulted in a partial tail marking.

The third option is a popular plane, "Betty's Dream" of the 499th Bomb Squadron. This plane was used as an escort for the Japanese surrender delegation. It has a very dark blue forward cowling. Part of the black nose markings will need to be painted.

There are two sheets in this one with one sheet being two sets of national insignia with one set having a faded center. A bunch of prop blade logos is also on this sheet. The sheet itself is superbly printed by Cartograf and the instruction sheet is first rate, providing both references and information on each option.

November 2012

Sheet courtesy of EagleCals. Visit them for a look at some great sheets and to pick up this one.

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