Eagle Cals 104: P-47D Thunderbolts

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$14.50 for 1/32, 12.50 for 1/48, $10.50 for 1/72


Scott Van Aken

It has been six months since I've had the chance to review an Eagle Cals sheet, and their latest is on the P-47D Thunderbolt. There are some favorites on this sheet with one that I'm sure you will find that you want to do. This particular sheet is the 1/32 version for the Hasegawa kit. Others are in 1/48 and 1/72, and so will not look exactly like this one and probably have all the markings on a single sheet.

First up is 'Chief Seattle' from the 362nd FG. This D-28 has a yellow cowling and canopy frame with a red/black tail motif, all of which will need to be painted on by the modeler. There are also black tailplane stripes that will need painted on this and the following aircraft.

Next is 'Big Ass Bird' from the 406 FG. The red cowling and spinner will need to be painted as will the yellow trim tab. The sheet provides the tail markings and red side flash for the D-30 variant. Invasion stripes are on the lower fuselage.

The final airplane is a P-47D-39 from the 57th FG. Norma/Little Bunny/Helen is painted in RAF equivalent colors as it was originally on its way to the Brazilians. Yellow tail and wing stripes on this one.

What makes Eagle Cal sheets so remarkable is the research that goes into each one. This is no exception with an addendum sheet that includes both b&w and color photos of the airplanes in question. This includes as much detail on the aircraft and pilot as can be found.

Common markings for one aircraft and a well done stencil placement guide are part of the package.

August 2007

Thanks to EagleCals for the review set

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